Safety earplugs - Hearing protection is there for you to protect against excessive noise that causes hearing loss.

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Hearing Protection - safety earplugs

Hearing Protection is there for you to protect against loud noise which you in your work or hobbies may encounter.
It protects you against loud noise all day if you are working with machines that produce more than 80 dB (A) noise.
You must protect against loud noise in your work. (More than 80 dB (A))

Why safety-earplugs?
Because the noise induced hearing loss and because it is one of the
the most common occupational diseases.
If there is a sound that is more than 80 dB (A) produces you must protect themselves with hearing protection.
A common hearing loss occurs when wearing an I-pod or MP3 player.
Be careful when you use these players and put them not hard.
Even in traffic because you are very distracted and not quite get everything wath happens around you.

Safety Earplugs

In your work is even obliged to from 80 dB (A) hearing to receive and from 85 dB (A) required to wear.
If there is hearing loss occurs then hits you in isolation and is not curable.
If you have then the most affected by hearing loss?

For example:
You're at a party and there is a little noise, you will get a conversation, though not anymore.
(When hearing loss above 2000 Hz is).
When further to the lower frequencies are affected the hearing loss in total.
So be careful with noise and wear your hearing protection whenever necessary.

It is permanent and can not be cured.

So what kind of hearing protection there is:
Foam earplugs (mainly made of memory foam - wait 20 seconds, then they have the protection you want).
Silicone earbuds
Flange safety earplugs
Ear caps

The three main types of hearing loss, sensor, neural, or a combination of both.
The size and shape of the channel may vary between individuals.
The channel is about 35 mm long and 5 to 10 mm in diameter.
It has a sigmoid shape and runs from behind and above downwards and forwards.
On the cross section is oval in shape.
These are important factors to consider when there is a type of hearing protection is chosen.
When you use otoplastics earwax can be pressed inwards into the ear.
This can cause problems so you need your ears cleaned with water and a mild soap.
In this way, you ensure that bacteria - fungi and insects in the ear stay behind.
It can if it sticks to your eardrums cause temporary deafness.
When this happens it is best to clean your ears.
Be careful with cotton swabs or other sharp things, ask your doctor how you can make it clean.

safety earplugs

NIOSH recommends a role to play and stick to a fixed method.
Earplugs are especially useful for people who are excessively exposed to noise from devices or environments with 80 dB (A) or more.

Safety Earplugs

See below how long you live in an environment with noise can stay without damaging your hearing.

Level of noise in dB(A) Maximum daily exposure time

85 - 8 Hours

91 - 2 Hours

97 - 30 Minutes

103 - 7 Minutes

The reduction formula is as follow
Derated NRR = (original NRR x (1-.25))-7

If you are going to use hearing protection for a longer time than you used the best
custom molded hearing protection.
This hearing protection is comfortable and soft for your skin.
Please note that long term use can give health risks:
Wax in your ear, you can clean with water and mild soap.
Irritation of the skin in your ear.

What is hearing loss?

How did you hear less than you started working?
After a period working in a noise above 80 dB (A) noise you become deaf after a long time.
When a sound is very loud, more than 100 dB (A), this happened rather than a sound of 90 dB (A)
Extremely loud noise gives hearing loss within one minute, the sound of an F16 instance.
The hair cells in the cochlea are in dysfunction due to noise above 80 dB (A).
This dysfunction is not reversible.
Here you will then hear no more of the high frequencies.
This will often interfere with speech dei no longer understood.

So use anywhere where more than 80 dB (A) sound hearing protection,
so you do not become isolated for the rest of your life.

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