Fire Safety Equipment and protection

Fire Safety Equipment and protection is very important if you run a business or residence.

Fire safety gives you information about the precautions to be taken in order to avoid a hazard or a fire that starts and what that can cause.
A poor or no fire protection may result in property damage, serious injury and even death.

If a new building or house being built it is wise in the preliminary phase to take account of fire safety equipment and protection.
Fire safety record during the drawing phase prevents adjustments should be taken during construction that entail more costs or even the construction to a halt.

So questions like where do the doors and windows, how big the rooms, halls, which will be used, which machines come to stand, what is processed, where and how many printers come to stand, but also what kind of materials go there you can use the best during the drawing phase, all set to go.

Fire Safety Equipment

  • What are the rules of the local government?
  • Which equipment must be there?
  • A sprinkler system?
  • Is it to do with only fire extinguishers and water hoses?
  • What kind of business you have or will be started?
  • What kind of fire alarm systems should be used?
  • What material is used and what is the fire resistance of these materials?.
  • When using chemicals where and how will you save?
  • Do these in your building to stand or be stored outside the building?
  • When a sprinkler system is described how the water is supplied and where does the water come from?
  • Is it enough for a tank to use or should there be a connection to the water supply.
  • What diameter water pipes should be and what this means for the supply pipe of the water.
  • Is water as extinguishing allowed for your business?

What kind of fire safety equipment and protection is needed:

So there are a lot of things that you should consider before you start with the construction of a new building or home.
If you are not aware of all the rules about fire safety equipment, it is wise you be assisted by an expert, these costs are generally lower than that You post many things have to change, which is usually associated with higher costs.

Also a good planning of the electricity meter and the number of groups required is very important for the fire safety equipment and protection.
Where is the fuse box and is easy to reach the emergency services if the need arises.
What is the load on the grid?

85% of all fires can be quenched by the use of fire extinguishers at the first 15 minutes.
In this way, there are a lot of fires extinguished and there are very large fires occur.

Is the company fire or emergency response team trained?
Is there a fire brigade - first aid team present?
Is there sufficient training to your employees given so they know what to do if a fire occurs.
The exercises are held weekly or monthly?
Do you have an alarm system connected to the local fire station.
Is there need a registration of the persons who are present in the building.
Who is responsible for the registration as a fire breaks ..
Has anyone been instructed what they should do if a fire breaks out.
Are employees informed and trained annually?

Who is responsible if a fire starts and what kind of fire protection, he or she is available.
It is also very important that you know what the requirements of your insurer.
So ask your insurer what rules there are prescribed in a fire to be sure that there is also paid.

If the amount is still sufficient?
Have you attached between the new areas are covered by insurance?
Is there an expansion in the supply of equipment and have been with this insurance?
This leads you no surprises when a fire has broken and you want your company to rebuild after the fire.
You will not be the first to not re-start after a fire because there is no money or less money is paid.
Let yourself well informed and leave written records by the insurer and check annually with the insurer or U satisfies the rules prescribed by the insurer.
Even after a refresh it is wise to the insurance to check if you are adequately insured.

There are several fire extinguishers.

The following overview shows you at what type of fire you can use the fire extinguisher.

Below you can see the different classes.

Comparison of the fire classes


Class A
Class B

Class C
Class D
Class K


Class A
Class B
Class C

Class D
Class F


Class A
Class B
Class C
Class E
Class D
Class F

Fuel/Heat source

Ordinary combustibles Flammable liquids
Flammable gases
Electrical equipment Combustible metals
Cooking oil or fat

How can you prevent a fire?
You can fire prevented by appropriate measures.
There are provisions for the storage of chemicals and for many materials and equipment.
If you do not know what rules there are then you can the local authorities ask you to inform that you are fully aware of the rules.

Oils and fats can to mishandling later ignite spontaneously in rags.
If you leave it after the working day and lie in the vicinity of combustible material would be best that you get a spontaneous fire.
Also, storage of various materials and there is a leak then it may well be that these spontaneously begin to ignite.

If you have a company where there is welded then you have to deal with sparks and splashes that have a high temperature, these sparks can go to many places are creating a place smoldering occurs.
If this happens at the end of the day it can ignite while your business is closed.
This kind of fires and can not directly be extinguished because there is no longer present.
If you look at that 85% of fires can be extinguished with fire extinguishers then you will know that this can not if nobody is present.

It is always wise to leave the premises around to see if there is something smoldering so directly can be taken action.

It is also important that if a company is left at the end of the day there is always round is made by the company to everything safe and clear behind.

Also in storage and engine rooms it is always wise to check at the end of the workday here to keep an inspection before you leaving the premises.

This type of inspection rounds sure to make a good fire protection.

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safety protection equipment products for you selected

There are different types of characters, but your local government says how and what kind of signs should be used.

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