What You Need to Know About Safety Protection Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Safety Protection Equipment

Safety protective equipment you must not forget to use as there is a risk in your work.
Safety is taking particular risks in your work, while more risk you take when your Safety Protection-Equipment optimal.

Here is the quote from OSHA:

OSHA requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees. Exposure to hazard reduction, when technical and administrative measures are not feasible or effective in reducing these risks to an acceptable level.
Employers are required to determine if PPE should be used to protect their workers.
If personal protective equipment must be used, a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) program be implemented.

This program should address the hazards present:
The selection, maintenance and use of personal protective equipment,
employee training and monitoring of the program to effectively guarantee.

There are a lot NEN standards that regulate what personal protective equipment are available and when to use it.

safety protection equipment

Our safety tip for today: 

  • What about the safety of yourself

This program should address the hazards present:
The selection, maintenance and use of personal protective equipment,
employee training and monitoring of the program to effectively guarantee.

There are a lot NEN standards that regulate what personal protective equipment are available and when to use it.
Think of a fireman, a burning building can go, because he has an excellent protection by personal protective equipment.
With proper personal protective anyone can work safely.

But then you can ask oneself whether the firefighter also work safely run without proper personal protective equipment.

No this he can not because he does not protect against the heat of a burning building.
He can not get more oxygen (carbon monoxide) and would immediately severe burns.

If hazardous conditions than you should protect themselves by the use of personal protective equipment.

Every day you will be exposed to various risks.
These risks you take consciously or unconsciously.
If you get into the car you have to take part in the movement.
Here are a few rules that you are bound to keep to safely participate in traffic.
You do not then it is an accident the sequel.

And this also applies to the work that you perform daily.

Risks are everywhere "in your work."

safety protection equipment

Do you have a job where there is personal protective equipment needed then you must also use it
You do this to protect yourself against the risks that you require during your daily work.

What you should know:
How and when you should use personal protective equipment.
How and when you should maintain the personal protective equipment.
How and when you need to replace the personal protective equipment.
Which courses you need to follow to safe and healthy working to.

When do you get the personal protective equipment

If your employer ensures that you under all circumstances safe and healthy work can be performed by equipment and materials to be purchased with no risks than you do not use personal protective equipment.

This is not so, he is obliged to provide you with personal protective equipment.
By, risk assessment and evaluation, to be carried out, the risks mapped.
These risks can be reduced through the use of personal protective equipment.
Personal protective equipment shall be provided only if no other solution is to reduce risk.

This is thought to be for example:
A machine makes more noise than 80 dB (A).
There is no other machine on the market to the sound below this norm to get.
If you hearing protection must provide this to the risk of hearing damage.
From 85 dB (A) You are also obliged to use hearing protection.

In this way, all the risks are treated so that you as an employee for a safe and healthy method creates.

If you then also all personal protective equipment used as prescribed you run less risk of damage.

If work must be carried out where you are at risk then make sure that you get the right PPE use.
If you do not have the right personal protective equipment immediately stop the execution of the work.

Ask for the correct personal protective equipment so you work safely.

Always look for a safe work method or by other means or with more protection.
If the work is too risky to perform stop immediately.
This can not be said often enough.

This website contains many pages that deal with personal protective equipment.
We also have a number of articles on general safety.
If you miss an issue about safety, ask the webmaster about this topic, by sending an email with the question on the subject.
He will contact you with information on this topic.

safety protection equipment

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safety protection equipment

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